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Journal It Out

Journal It Out

Here are some of my old journals that I’ve had since I was a teenager. 
The top one is the most recent journal I purchased in New York earlier this year.
I have 10 times the amount you see here. Maybe even more than that.

These journals are full of transformational healing and the journey of how it all unfolded. They are literally filled with miracles.

I knew that one day I would write a book to help others heal themselves from the same pain and hurt that I experienced as a young girl and young Woman. This emotional pain impacted every area of my life, my relationships, friendships and even everyday decision making. Yes, I was a train wreck. Over time I changed how I viewed the world, I changed my thoughts, then the miracles showed up. It was a complete shift. I also noticed that the right kind of people came into my life that were also some of my biggest teachers. I am so grateful for all those people. I loaded myself with knowledge from books and attended a couple of years in health sciences to learn more about the brain, body connection. I had faith that I could be healed, however I also enjoyed the meshing of spirituality and science. This knowledge as well as my own life experience has helped me work with many people on what ever blocks preventing them from moving forward as a result of being sexually abused. For many years I felt shame and I felt that I was being judged by everyone, when in fact I was the only one doing the judging. I was judging my self for everything and anything. I was way too hard on myself, it was literally making me sick. I am so glad that I am free from judgement and I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Much love

Toni x