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I am really excited that my book is going to be launched soon. You will be the first to know about appearances or events. I have never written a book before, so this process has been really intuitive. Thankfully I have a really talented editor to sort out grammer and spelling mistakes.

My vision is to help as many men and women that have suffered from sexual abuse heal with the help of my books and the same tools that have helped me through my own healing. I have been lucky enough to work with amazing mentors/teachers and now I am stepping up and taking my message out into the world.

What you need to know is that you already have it in you to be happy, to be healed and to be successful. You have a valuable gift to share with the world and I am going to help you. It’s almost here and I want to not only share this with you, but I want you to also be a leader. There are so many people that need others to stand up and take a stand. I am not talking about being angry or wanting retribution. I am talking about YOU, healing YOU so that you can live a life of freedom. Don’t wait any longer and join in with me to be the change.

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