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What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

I am passionate about sharing my story to help others step out into their light.

I have learnt that where your attention goes energy flows. . .

My story is a journey of healing and miracles through an unwavering faith and knowing that life had more for me.
I heard the call that started as a little niggle, a little voice trying to break through the noise. The voice became louder and more frequent. I felt excited by the idea, but deep down inside I didn’t feel good enough. I thought, who am I to talk about this? What could I possibly do or say to help others?
I started writing and talking to people about the subject and built an incredibly beautiful circle of friends who believe in me and my vision. I am grateful for that 💜

I found that over the years I met many Women and Men who had experienced the same experience that I had, and I knew a way to help them move forward and Move past the pain and anger they were feeling. It was then that they were able to work towards their own healing journey. This happened to me on many occasions and I took that as a sign that there were bigger forces at play here and I was on the right path.

That’s where my book started, it’s a tool to show how I was  struggling with some really tough obstacles. At times I felt so helpless, so out of my depth. It effected my whole life, friends, relationships, my job and more importantly how i viewed myself and the world around me. My hope is that through reading my book you will feel the heaviness lift from me as I journey toward a more loving approach to my healing. I really can’t wait to share this with you. My next step was working with my beautiful friend Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is a media magnet!

She’s sat next to Oprah in an interview on Super Soul Sunday, she’s been featured on the front page of the New York Times Sunday Styles section, she appears regularly on the Today Show and Dr. Oz, and she’s nabbed features and interviews in countless media outlets. Plus she’s a social media rock star!

This media success didn’t just happen to Gabrielle. She combined her media savvy with her spiritual faith to manifest media for her message. For the first five years of her career she ran a PR business, honing her chops as a kick-ass publicist. When she transitioned her career to become a spiritual teacher, she leaned on her media savvy to secure some of the most sought-after media placements that have helped her carry her message far and wide. And she did it all through her unique process of Manifesting Media.

As a PR expert and spiritual teacher Gabrielle feels it’s her responsibility to help others share your great messages with the world. She knows self-promotion is intimidating, and it can seem like the media landscape is so cluttered that there’s no room for your message. When you have an empowering message to share, it is your sacred responsibility to get it out into the world.

Much Love

Toni x