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Big Magic -A Night With Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic -A Night With Elizabeth Gilbert

It was a wet but warm summers day in Auckland and I was on my way to the North Shore to meet with my beautiful friend. As always we have so much to talk about, it’s almost like we have already started talking to each other in our heads and we start speaking out loud in mid conversation. One of my favourite things in the world is meeting up and sharing stories and current projects and the excitement that these projects bring each of us.

I remember the day we met, it was like two old friends meeting (her actual words to me, and my exact feeling) it was really something to experience. Something clicked, I know our worlds were supposed to collide at that exact moment, no earlier, no later. I am pretty sure we have a soul thing going on.

So we are standing in line and chatting, laughing, sharing, laughing more. The doors open and we make a B-Line to the row that would bring us closest to the main event. So here we are sitting in the front row on the edge of our seats, listening, soaking it all up. We laughed, we cried, we were in shock. We shared knowing glances to each other of Yes! We know exactly what she means! There was a feeling of connectedness with each and every person in the room. It was an incredible moment to be part of.

I left that evening with even more of me healed. I was in a bubble, i was still soaking in the feeling of the evening. There was so much learning on a soul level that I am grateful for. The very act of Elizabeth sharing herself, her story and how she came to write her books was very fulfilling. It filled me with fire to get on with my work. I had heard from many writers that we are called to write a book on a particular subject at a particular time, except I had been feeling it was a burden, Elizabeth Gilbert helped me realise that creativity knocked and I answered and now we are in a dance with each other to get this book out. Sometimes I am a little clumsy, but creativity is very forgiving and mostly excited, because you chose to work with it.

A little lesson on creativity when you work on the book. It can become a little possessive of your time, you mind is caught up constantly with storylines, theories and also if you are channelling the book, you have your creative guides or god, or buddha who ever you work with wroking with you, nurturing you, protecting you, keeping you on task. When you realise the magnitude of what is conspiring to bring all of this together, you can’t help but do you part to bring the book out into the world.

To explore a little more about this idea I encourage you to read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, no one can put it as beautifully as she can.

Big love, Big Magic

Toni x