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Why You Won’t See Me Reposting The Horror Stories.

Why You Won’t See Me Reposting The Horror Stories.

You won’t see me reposting the stories that you read or see on the internet. I get sent so many articles and stories from people that are shocked and horrified by what they read in the media. I am glad that they are shocked. It’s what we need. Still you won’t see me posting about these stories. It’s not that I am not moved or upset by these heartbreaking stories, My calling is to talk about healing from sexual abuse, the best use of me is to share how I have healed and continue to heal from sexual abuse. This is where the power lies for those that are searching for something, an anchor to help them move through their healing. I have spent the last 25 years learning everything I can about this subject. I have hit many rock bottom moments and I have found a formula that works for me. It might just work for you.
When i still felt like a victim of sexual abuse,  I remember how I felt when I heard the stories of other victims of sexual abuse. I desperately wanted to do something, to make a change, but I still felt powerless to help or make a change because there was so much of myself that still needed healing. There is so much more we need to talk about and I know it is not a beautiful subject, but if we can create a dialogue, we can also shine a light on the darkness where this subject still lies.
I am creating a dialogue and if you would like to attend my talk, find out more information here.
Much love
Toni x