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Growth And Trauma

Growth And Trauma

For many years I thought that I had to be fully healed, I felt no joy, and I felt that I was always going to be miserable, then I would attract one bad circumstance after another, feeling invisible and basking in a never ending soul destroying existence. The truth is, healing from trauma is an ongoing process. You never fully heal, but what you do is you grow through it, learning to recognise obstacles, and when you catch yourself, instantly choose the path you want to take. You can actualise all of the dreams and goals that you have set yourself. You can move closer to love.

Moving closer to love is my saving grace. I have heard this expression of moving closer or choosing love many times, but I had not fully understood it. I couldn’t get it, moving toward love, choosing love. What does this even mean? My Wairua kept giving me this message of turning toward love, I heard it from many of my teacher’s lips, Like Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer and Maryanne Williamson to name a few, and read it in many books. It took a rock bottom moment for me to realise what all this means is that I have to choose love instead of fear.

I was living in fear, and it was cramping my relationship with my Wairua, and I wanted that relationship back. My fears came in the form of not thinking I was good enough, lack of money, the inability to accept help or love, self-doubt, self-sabotage. Also, there were the mistakes that I made in the past that I had not let go of, things that had been done to me that I was just too angry to look at. I have more fun when I am in alignment with my Wairua, my work becomes effortless, and opportunities present themselves at exactly the right time.

Here are a couple of tips to help you through your growth period.

Growth can feel uncomfortable, and it can seem easier to give up. Feeling the discomfort can hurt. It can show up physically or emotionally, and you need to find someone to help walk you through this. If you are looking for immediate relief, check out tapping EFT. Brad Yates has some great youtube clips to guide you through this process, you can find him Here. How does EFT work? Check out this helpful article Here.

Find yourself a good therapist, preferably a psychotherapist. If the first person you get doesn’t fit with you, then try someone else. Don’t give up, you will find someone that works with you for you. Ask around and get a recommendation. There is no shame in asking for help. If you are in Auckland then check out Sonia Doulton Here.

I will be talking more about this in my book which is due to be released next March. Get on my mailing list to learn more Here