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Creating A Daily Practice

Creating A Daily Practice

In my Facebook group Spiritual Home I spoke about the importance of how we start our day? Creating a daily practice is one of the most powerful tools I started using when I was facing one of my darkest times. If you are looking at starting a daily practice, here are three things you can do straight away.
1. Keep a gratitude notebook by your bed, list 3 things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up.
2. Read or listen to something that inspires you.
3. Stay off social media and don’t answer emails until you have had your morning cuppa or a nutritious breakfast.
In the beginning, you will feel like you are forcing yourself. Your ego mind will tell you that you don’t need to have a daily practice. After a few weeks, it will become more natural. You will find more alignment and life will look different. You don’t need to spend hours on your daily practice in the beginning, you can start with gratitude. I know what it’s like to try and grab moments in the business of the morning. Just start and you will find time to add more.
‘When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be taken off’ -Yogi Bhajan